One individual’s creative desire
to make a difference in the gift giving experience.


The Gift Wrap Boutique is a new brand born in Dubai that provides elegant gift wrap services for all occasions.

TGWB products are unique through careful selection and sourcing of paper gift wraps from around the world ; in addition to paper gift wraps, TGWB provides luxury wraps such as suede, leather, and velvets ; these wraps combined with a unique selection of ribbons, embellishments, gift boxes and gift cards results in an experience customized for each client.

Our embellishments include crystals, rhinestones, silk flowers, feathered birds and many more. Our first store is now open at Al Mizhar Mall,Dubai.


  • Classic Gift Wrap

    Designed to suit your
    everyday gift giving needs
    using brand name wraps
    and ribbons.

  • Premium Gift Wrap

    High end luxury wrapping
    combined with unique
    embellishments that gives an
    upscale look for your gift.

  • BeSpoke Gift Wrap

    A unique look different than any other.
    A bespoke wrap specific
    to your needs using suedes, paper,
    fabrics, or leather.

  • Seasonal Gift Wrap

    Special collections that change
    season to season and are
    designed specifically in line with
    the latest art trends.

  • Corporate Wrap

    Bespoke services to meet
    your corporate needs
    whether it be a external
    clients or internal use.